I just completely re-uploaded everything, thankfully it only takes a couple minutes. Visit my page here!

I’ve reuploaded everything that was pointed out to me, if there’s any more problems, feel free to contact me directly, but it may take me awhile to get back to you due to the fact that my laptop’s charger is broken and I probably won’t receive the new one until the end of the week.

posted 2 years ago

So um here you go

my list, I share. and don’t bother reporting my medialink, I have several backups.


that-one-girl-js answered your question: Like seriously does anyone have the song…

It’s not in circulation. Basically only Steve has it.

Hmmmm. But someone posted on tumblr that they got that song (I forget who and now that’s bugging me) so some people must have it right? Also, I’m sorry if this makes me look like a noob, but who’s Steve?

They’re probably lying. Only eleven known people have it, and it’s Steve (aka the original trader, the one who has the original collection of every song), and the ten hackers who stole his collection like five years ago. Everyone that has claimed to have it since the hackers have been lying, there’s been no leaks or trades, so no one has it. Besides, the hackers won’t trade or anything because they haveeverything.

I think one or two people on WIAB have the song, but I may be mistaken. Most people on there are waiting for it to come in circulation.